Formulario de recolección de contenido

Descripción general

From playing around in the editor, you can see that the responsive website builder has some great widgets can be used to fill up content on your site. If you imported your site, you may notice that when you add certain widgets (and even some pages) to your website, it automatically populates with your information. If you did not import your site, you have the option of using the site input form to add information.

Site input form

During the import process, the editor stores information relative to the widgets and pages in the platform. Even without that information, it's possible to enter in those details using the site input form. Filling in this information will automatically input content for the following widgets and pages:

  • Llamadas con solo clic
  • Logotipo
  • Mapa
  • Iconos de redes sociales
  • Lista de Twitter
  • Formulario de contacto
  • Youtube
  • Correo electrónico
  • PayPal
  • Yelp
  • About us page
  • Services page
  • Contact us page
  • Restaurant menu page
  • Locations page

It will also store data such as files into the server for input.