Access your mobile analytics


Your website analytics show detailed information like how many visitors your site gets, where they are coming from, and which pages they visited.  Analyzing this customer information can help you make more informed decisions to improve your website and your business.

Full statistics are recorded and displayed for your website, per device, so you can view exactly what users are doing on desktop, tablet, and mobile.  You can view all of your stats in the stats section of your dashboard.

View your stats

Log in to your dashboard, then click the stats icon underneath a website to view its stats.  Otherwise, click the Stats tab in the upper-right corner.

Stats Selection

The top bar of the stats field allows you to select which site and time period you would like to view stats for.

Stats Tabs Summary

The various stats fields in the stats dialog display different information about the site.

Présentation Summary of the stats details.
Content Data Breakdown of visits according to pages.
Engagement Visitors by device, as well as information about visits and page views
Traffic Sources Ways that visitors got to the site
Browsers & OSs Which browsers and operating systems visitors were using
Geolocation Where visitors were in the world when they visited


The overview gives you the key information you need to know at a glance. You'll see user interaction and total visits to your site quickly and easily. This is a great way to check in to make sure your site is healthy and active.

Content Data

Content shows you the pages that are visited the most. Based of your site's layout, this can give you a lot of information about what your visitors are looking for. If they visit a page way more often than another, you might want to consider making that page more engaging or informative.


Engagement gives you a deep view into the exact actions your users take. You can see when and how many times users have called you, or find out which coupon is being used the most. With this knowledge, you can further optimize your site so visitors will take advantage of your business features more often and effectively. 

Traffic Sources

Une des informations les plus précieuses que vous pouvez recueillir est la façon dont les visiteurs accèdent à votre site. Les visiteurs tapent-ils votre adresse directement dans leur navigateur ? Vous trouvent-ils en faisant une recherche ? Ceci peut avoir une influence à bien des égards sur la façon dont vous gérez votre marketing et votre site web. Par exemple, si le trafic de recherche est faible, essayez de cibler de nouveaux mots-clés ou des mots-clés plus pertinents.

Le trafic direct, c'est lorsque quelqu'un saisit l'adresse URL de votre site web pour accéder directement à votre site. Le trafic par site référent, c'est lorsqu'un visiteur clique sur un lien d'un autre site pour accéder au vôtre. Le trafic organique, c'est lorsqu'on vous trouve sur une page de résultats de recherche.

Browsers & OSs

Discover what type of devices your visitors are using by checking out what browser and operating system they're on.


Learn where your visitors are located when they land on your website. See their location by Country, State, and City. The more you know about your visitors, the more you can provide relevant and engaging information when they visit your site. 


Sampling & Accuracy

Please note that website stats are sampled, which means the less traffic your site receives, the less accurate the stats will be.  However, the statistics are much more accurate with large numbers of visitors.