Customer Permission Details

Visão Geral

User permissions control the level of access that staff and customers have to the platform.  You can define which features individual users can and can't access.

Please note: This feature is only available for Pro customers.

Customers are given access to each site individually.  This means a customer can have different permissions for each site assigned to them. You can only assign customers to sites that have been purchased.

Selecting Permissions

When adding or managing a user, check off the permissions you would like to grant.

Permission Dependency

Some permissions, have prerequisites.  For example, in order for a user to have access to Site SEO, he must have access to the Edit Site permission as well.

When you select a permission, its pre-requisites will automatically be selected.  Conversely, any dependent permissions will be de-selected if a pre-requisite permission is removed.

Here is a list of dependencies in the Responsive Website Builder

  • Editar site
    • Modo de Desenvolvedor
    • SEO do Site
    • Personalizar Domínio
    • Backups do Site
    • Publicar
      • Republish (requires Publish permission)