Pro Preview Page Domain

Visão Geral

Your clients will use this domain to preview their domain. You can choose between the default URL or a Custom URL.

 Creating your Preview domain

  1. Go to your dashboard, you must be logged in
  2. Hover your mouse over White Label, and then select the option custom domain
  3. Select Site Domain from the available tabs.
  4. From here you will have two options either to use a default or a custom domain, the two options will effect the URL which is used for previewing the responsive sites in your account.


Domínio Padrão

Your users will see the following URL: This option cannot be modified but will work without any setup.


Personalizar Domínio

Your users will see the URL you provide in the box. That URL follow this structure:

<anything>.<a domain you own>.<suffix that goes with that domain>

A common choice is To activate your custom preview URL you have to then log into that domain's account and create a CNAME record for it. The CNAME record should be whatever you put in the <anything> space pointing to So in our example, it would be the preview as the host name/alias pointing to as the value/destination. Press the orange save button to lock in your changes.