Staff Permissions Detail

Visão Geral

Staff members have access to all sites in this account and are assigned permissions based on which group you place them in.

Group Permissions

Staff members are organized into groups, and permissions are set at the group level.  For your convenience, we have role-based groups with predefined permission levels ready to assign your staff members to.  However, you can always create a new group with a custom set of permissions.

Please note that editing group permissions will affect the permissions of all the members within the group.

Create New Group

Click the Add Custom Group link to create a new staff group.


Select a group name, color, and permissions then click Add Custom Group.



Delete a Group

A group can only be deleted if it does not contain any users.  Before deleting a group, be sure to reassign or delete any of the group's current members.

Permission Dependency

Some permissions, have prerequisites.  For example, in order for a group to have access to Site SEO, they must have access to the Edit Site permission as well.

When you select a permission, its pre-requisites will automatically be selected.  Conversely, any dependent permissions will be de-selected if a pre-requisite permission is removed.

Here is a list of dependencies

  • Editar Site
    • Criar Sites
    • Personalizar Domínio
    • Marketing
    • Publicar
      • Republish