Reinicializar um site

Visão Geral

Instead of creating a new site, you can simply start over using the same site (this can be especially useful if you want to start over but don't want to lose your premium status). Additionally,  you can use it to create a new site with your existing subscription. There are two different ways to reset, depending on the status of your site.


Resetting a site will cause all changes and modifications made to the site to be completely undone/removed. There is no method for reversing a site reset. If you had backups saved on the site, those backups will be removed when the site is reset. This feature should only be used if you intend to completely start over.

Reset a premium site

  1. Log into see your dashboard
  2. Select the site you want to reset from the list of sites on your dashboard
  3. Click on the reset button below the site
  4. A box will appear that let's you choose the options for reset. You can change the URL, Site Name and Categories. Confirm the settings and click Convert. Please note that converted sites cannot be reset into templated sites at this time.