Changing Blog Author

Visão Geral

Only the name of the website account owner can be used as a blog author. You can change this name in the account settings. If you have a reseller account, you can grant access to additional staff or customers, and use their names as blog authors.


Changing blog author

When editing a blog post, 

  1. Go to post settings.
  2. Scroll down to Author.
  3. Enter the name of the author to whom you'd like to attribute the post.
  4. Select the appropriate author from the dropdown list.

Eligible blog authors

Only users who have been granted blog access to the site are eligible blog authors. You can grant a user blog access through the Users and Permissions dialog.


When I enter the author information, nothing shows up.

Please make sure that you have set a user with blog permissions to access your site.

Do I need to give a user permissions to edit a site?

No. You only need to give a user permission to access the blogging features in order for them to post as an author.

When I try to edit the author name, it’s grayed out/disabled.

This feature is only available to resellers.

How come this feature isn’t available to standard users?

This feature requires the user management feature to work. Since standard users do not have the ability to assign users to a site, this feature is not compatible with non-resellers.

What happens if I delete a user?

If you delete a user from your site, their name will remain on the blog posts until it is manually changed.